Row Teaching Title Level
1 Teaching Methodology
2 Testing
3 Error Analysis
4 Reading Comprehension
5 Research Methods
6 Topic Discussion
7 Teaching language Skills
8 Language Lab
9 Linguistics 1 BA
10 Study skills کارشناسي
11 Theories of L1 Acquisition کارشناسي
12 Contrastive Linguistics BA
13 Philosophy of Education BA
14 Linguistics 2 BA
15 Syntax BA
16 English for the Students of Medicine دکتري
17 English for the Students of Midwifery BA
18 English for the Students of Management MA
19 English for the Students of Tourism BA


Row Title Course Resourse
1 Study Skills Study Skills for Success
2 Reading Comprehension 1 Select Readings- Intermediate new edition
3 Reading Comprehension 2 Select Readings- upper intermediate, new edition
4 Error Analysis Contrastive Analysis and Error Analysis, Dr. Keshavarz, new edition
5 Linguistics An Introduction to Linguistics, Framkin, Tenth edition
6 Testing Language Skills Testing, Dr. H. Farhady, Dr.A. Jafarpoor and Dr.P.Birjandi


Day Title Clock Description