Row Teaching Title Level
1 Reactive power control:12 times MSc
2 Power quality: 12times PhD
3 Distributed generation and microgrid: 9 times MSc
4 Power system analysis I: 12 times BSc
5 Power system analysis II:14 times BSc
6 Power system protection: 6times BSc
7 FACTS: 10 times PhD
8 Intelligent Electric Energy Networks: 8 time PhD
9 Advanced Protection of Power Systems: 2 time MSc
10 Power Generation Operation and Control: 9 times MSc


Row Title Course Resourse
1 Reactive Power Control Reactive Power Control in Electric System by: T.J.E. Miller
2 Microgrid Microgrids and Active Distribution by: S. Chowdhury
3 Comprehensive Theory of Electrical Machines Analysis of Electric Machinery and Drive Systems by: P. Krause
4 Electric Energy Distribution Electric Distribution Systems by: A. A. Sallam
5 Advanced Protection of Power Systems Protective Relaying, Theory and Application by: W. A. Elmore
6 Power Quality Power System Quality Assessment by: J. Arrillaga
7 FACTS Understanding FACTS by: G. Hingorani
8 Digital Protection of Power Systems Computer Relaying for Power Systems by: A. G. Phadke
9 Power Electronics I Principles of Power Electronics by: J. Kassakian
10 Reliability of Electric Energy Systems Reliability Evaluation Power Systems by: R. Billinton
11 Intelligent Electric Energy Networks The Smart Grid by: C. W. Gellings
12 Electricity Market Fundamentals of Power System Economics by: D. S. kirschen
13 Power Generation, Operation and Control Power Generation, Operation and Control, by: Allen J. Wood, Bruce F. Wollenberg, Gerald B. Sheble


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