Research Projects

1. soheila torabi farsani, pornaderi porandokht, rashidi rezvan, mariyam zarei, , "women and discourse change through women newspapers", Aproval Date :10/11/2014, End Date :12/07/2016
2. soheila Torabi farsani, , "The Advent and Transformation of airan Chamber of Commerc from the begining up to the Islamic Revolution", Aproval Date :05/02/015, End Date :05/02/015
3. soheila Torabi farsani, , "The function of Intelectual news papers befor and after the constitutional movement ", Aproval Date :08/07/9, End Date :10/07/9
4. soheila torabi farsani, , "A Reseach in the documents relating to the Educational system", Aproval Date :08/06/13, End Date :10/06/13
5. soheila torabi farsani, , "women and modernization from nasseroldin shah upto pahlavi era", Aproval Date :04/07/26, End Date :04/02/015