Research Projects

1. mansoureh Kianersi, Zeynab Talebi Rizi, , "Identifying and preparing a plan for informal settlements located in the city of Isfahan", Aproval Date :03/02/2020, End Date :10/04/2021
2. Zeinab Talebi, Masoumeh Mirsafa Moqadam , Mansoureh Kianersi , , "Codification Design Guidelines for Residential Complexes in Tehran with Focus on Child Friendly City Approach ", Aproval Date :20/05/2019, End Date :21/10/2020
3. mansoureh kianersi, zeinab talebi, , "Codification An Appropriate Pattern for Research Need Assessment in Isfahan Municipality", Aproval Date :21/11/2017, End Date :31/01/2018
4. Zeinab Talebi , mansoureh kianersi, , "Codification Planning and Design Framework for a Child Friendly Neighborhood in Isfahan ", Aproval Date :31/11/2016, End Date :08/04/2018