Research Projects

1. Mohammad Reza Yousefi, Khoshnam Shojaei, , "Design, installation and applying a set of 5 Kilowatts solar cells connected to the network with online power quality parameters measurement capability", Aproval Date :11/09/2018, End Date :10/01/2020
2. Khoshnam Shojaei, Mehdi Dolatshahi, Mehdi Karimian, Afshin Etesami, , "Coordinated Control of Autonomous Vehicles and Unmanned Automobiles Without Velocity Sensors by Using Adaptive Neural Networks", Aproval Date :17/01/2017, End Date :06/11/2018
3. Khoshnam Shojaei, َAbbas Chatraei, Mehdi Karimian, Farhad Faghani, , "Design of Tracking Controllers for Navigation of Autonomous Ocean Vehicles with Limited Information", Aproval Date :09/03/14, End Date :26/01/16