Research Projects

1. B. Yaghoubi, G. Shahgholian, M.R. Norozian, , "Construction of plate heat exchanger for use in oil, petrochemical gas, steel, shipping and food industries", Aproval Date :17/01/2024, End Date :10/03/2024
2. N. Behzadfar, M. Hashemi, H. Movahednejad, G. Shahgholian, , "Development and design of non-invasive home blood pressure measurement algorithm focusing on blood pressure management", Aproval Date :04/10/2022, End Date :30/08/2023
3. M.R. Yosefi, G. Shahgholian, , "Designing and building two prototypes of the training model of heart and lung sounds simulator", Aproval Date :14/02/2022, End Date :22/11/2022
4. N. Behzadfar, G. Shahgholian, M. Khezri, , "Detection of different rhythms from the electrocardiogram signal", Aproval Date :02/08/2021, End Date :16/07/2022
5. N. Behzadfar, G. Shahgholian, , "Detection of behavioral patterns in the elderly by examining physiological and behavioral parameters using a remote monitoring system", Aproval Date :18/02/2020, End Date :05/01/2021
6. M. Dehghani, G. Shahgholian, M.R. Yousefi, , "Drive design and implementation of 311 LED lights and headlamps in different types", Aproval Date :01/11/2017, End Date :23/06/2018
7. S.M. Kargar, G. Shahgholian, , "Fuzzy control of boiler combustion process and evaluating it’s impact on the efficiency of combustion and saving energy", Aproval Date :22/01/2017, End Date :06/03/2019
8. M. Dehghani, M.R. Yousefi, G. Shahgholian, H. Nasiri, , "Design and implementation full bridge DC-DC for cathodic protection", Aproval Date :07/03/2017, End Date :28/05/2017
9. M. Hashemi, G. Shahgholian, , "Adaptive Dynamic Surface Control of Multi Agent Systems in the presence of Disturbance and Actuator Fault", Aproval Date :01/11/2016, End Date :25/08/2019
10. Gh. Shahgholian, B. Fani, , "Stability Analysis and Design of PSS Controller to Improve Power System Dynamic Performance", Aproval Date :20/04/2014, End Date :30/05/2015
11. Gh. Shahgholian, A.A. Amini, M. Zeainli, , "Analysis and simulation of the effeect thyristor controlled FACTS devices for power system damping enhancement", Aproval Date :11/12/2010, End Date :10/12/2009
12. Gh. Shahgholian, A.A. Amini, M. Zinali, , "Analysis and Simulation of the Effects the Static Synchronous Compensator on Damping Single-Machine Power-System Oscillations", Aproval Date :11/09/2010, End Date :11/12/2010
13. Gh. Shahgholian, M. Zunali, , "Dynamic eigenvalue analysis and simulation of two-mass resonant system with PID controller", Aproval Date :11/08/2009, End Date :15/11/2008
14. M. Zinali, Gh. Shahgholian, M. Arezomand, , "An Analytic Approach and Simulation of Multi Loop Feedback Control Strategy for Single-Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply Inverter", Aproval Date :08/11/10, End Date :08/11/10
15. Gh. Shahgholian, M. Arezomand, M.K. Sabbaghi, , "-", Aproval Date :08/07/014, End Date :08/07/014
16. Gh. Shahgholian, M. Refaeinia, , "The study reduce of harmonics in the voltage inverter with pulse witch modulation", Aproval Date :15/06/2003, End Date :15/06/2002