Research Projects

1. Payam Sanaee, Mohammad Ali Shamsi, , "Designing and manufacturing an automatic blood pressure measuring device based on the MPS20N0040D-S sensor using Wi-Fi.", Aproval Date :27/11/2023, End Date :24/01/2024
2. Payam Sanaee, Mehran Sadeghi Dinani, Hadi Riahi Chelvani, , "Designing and manufacturing three noise-resistant radio transmitters and receivers using industrial equipment control", Aproval Date :30/01/2023, End Date :26/09/2022
3. Payam Sanaee, Mehran Sadeghi Dinani, , "Design and construction of EOG signal processing circuit based on ADS1294 chip for sending SMS", Aproval Date :06/06/2022, End Date :22/12/2022
4. Payam Sanaee, Hadi Riahi Chelvani, , "Design and manufacture of functional quality control circuits and energy consumption optimizer in inverter welding devices", Aproval Date :07/04/2022, End Date :24/12/2022
5. Mahdi َAjamin Hamadani, Payam Sanaei, , "Design and implementation of FPGA board for Sobel edge detection in images and its optimization with three approaches of reducing the hardware size, increasing computing speed and accuracy", Aproval Date :20/06/2021, End Date :30/11/2021
6. Sanaee Payam, Daneshvar farzanegan Seyed Mahmood, Jamshidian ghaleh sefidii Reza, , "Implementation and evaluation of long-range ad-hoc network with Digi-mesh protocol based on Xbee Pro 900HP module for battle simulation training systems based on laser tag", Aproval Date :16/02/2021, End Date :17/01/2022
7. Payam Sanaee, Mohammad Javad Barati, , "Design and implement ECU tester with capability of test and simulating sensors and actuators of vehicle", Aproval Date :05/01/2021, End Date :04/10/2020
8. Homayoon Mahdavi Nasab, , "Comparative study on the quality of motion estimation cores for various research projects interpolation method in mesh sequence of digital images", Aproval Date :22/05/2007, End Date :22/05/2006
9. , "Research project to design and build a labyrinth robot ", Aproval Date :21/05/2005, End Date :21/05/2004
10. Mehran Emadi, , "Research project to build three-phase sinusoidal waveforms with frequencies varying from 1/0 Hz to 400 kHz sampling Wavetable-", Aproval Date :21/05/2005, End Date :21/05/2004
11. Mehrdad AzarBarzin, , "Research Project infusion pump / drop counter ", Aproval Date :22/05/2004, End Date :22/05/2003