Research Projects

1. shadi goli, maryam moghimian, fatemeh salmani, mina jouzi, , "Designing a virtual education program for genetic counseling and evaluating its effect on students knowledge and attitudes about the importance of genetic counseling in the prevention of genetic diseases", Aproval Date :29/11/2020, End Date :16/10/2021
2. mina jouzi, maryam moghimian, shadi goli, fatemeh salmani, , "Design and implementation of complementary medicine approaches and its impact on the health of patients referred to Hamadis Health Health Clinic ", Aproval Date :04/03/2021, End Date :06/01/2022
3. fatemeh salmani, maryam moghimian, mina jouzi, , "The effect of scheduled visitings on the weaning rate of mechanical ventilation in concussion patients hospitalized in intensive care units a randomized controlled clinical trial study", Aproval Date :01/02/2023, End Date :01/02/2023
4. fatemeh salmani, maryam moghimain, shadi goli, mina jouzi, , "Design and implementation of a spiritual mental health promotion program based on acceptance and adjustment in family crises especially those referred to the Legal Office ", Aproval Date :15/07/2020, End Date :15/04/2021
5. neda asadi, fatemeh salmani, siros pourkajoeei, masomeh mahdavi far, zahra royani, mahin salmani, , "The relationship between coronary anxiety and care behaviors in nurses working in coronary centers in Kerman in 139 9", Aproval Date :14/07/2020, End Date :14/01/2021
6. maryam mogimian, fatemeh salmani, mina jouzi, razieh amini, , "Counseling in detecting changes in the behavioral pattern of the elderly by examining physiological and behavioral parameters using a remote monitoring system ", Aproval Date :14/01/2021, End Date :14/03/2020
7. maryam moghimian, fatemeh salmani, mina jouzi, shadi goli, , "Designing the implementation and evaluation of a womens health promotion program in the field of midwifery for those referring to the Palladium Sports Complex in Isfahan", Aproval Date :17/01/2019, End Date :29/05/2020
8. hossain mahjobi, mahbobeh mohammadi, fatemeh salmani, farideh saneie, , "A Comparative Study of Apache 2 System with Sofa Reduction System in Determining the Mortality Rate and Duration of Hospitalized Patients in Alzahra Hospital in Isfahan, Iran, Year 91", Aproval Date :15/06/2013, End Date :15/06/2014