Research Projects

1. Ehsan Saebnoori, Faezeh Alibabaei, MohammadTaghi Sabetin, Sina SamimiSedeh, Ali SalehiSedeh, Farham AminSharei, , "The Investigation of the industrial wastewater treatment in Mobarakeh Steel Co. of Isfahan by the Ferrate (VI) nanoparticles", Aproval Date :01/11/2018, End Date :21/02/2021
2. Ehsan Saebnoori, Faeze Alibabaei, , "Deodorizing of odorant by emulsion of sodium ferrate nano particles ", Aproval Date :11/03/2018, End Date :06/07/2020
3. Ehsan Saebnoori, Mansoor Bozorg, Hamid Malekhosseini, Kamran Sheikhi, Reza Labbaf, AmirReza Dabiri, , "Design and manufacture of soil-specific electrical resistance testing device", Aproval Date :05/03/2016, End Date :21/11/2019
4. , "Corrosion behavior of ultra-fine grained copper fabricated by surface mechanical attrition treatment", Aproval Date :06/07/2014, End Date :16/07/2014