Research Projects

1. Mehdi Salehi, Mohsen Abasi, Mohammad Reza Yousefi, Iman Ebrahimzadeh, Hamid Zarepour, Mohammad Hojaji, Mohammad Ali Zanjani, Akbar Nabiollahi, Meysam Jafari, Mohsen Sadat, , " Management and implementation of PAYESH project in Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch", Aproval Date :23/09/2019, End Date :30/06/2020
2. Mohammad Reza Yousefi, Majid Dehghani, , "Lighting design, driver design and assembly of lights for Kohestan main pool about 20 lights ", Aproval Date :08/01/2019, End Date :13/01/2019
3. Mohammad Reza Yousefi, Khoshnam Shojaei, , "esign, installation and applying a set of 5 Kilowatts solar cells connected to the network with online power quality parameters measurement capability", Aproval Date :11/09/2018, End Date :10/01/2020
4. Mohammad Reza Yousefi, Majid Moazzami, Homayoun Mahdavinasab, , "Design and implementation of 5 kw combined on-grid off grid solar station ", Aproval Date :11/09/2018, End Date :18/08/2019
5. M. R. Yousefi, M. Dehghani, M. Moazami, , "Drive design and implementation of 48 LED street lights 80 watts", Aproval Date :07/11/2017, End Date :10/02/2018
6. Majid Dehghani, Ghazanfar Shahgholian, Mohammad Reza Yousefi, , "Drive design and implementation of 300 LED projectors in different types", Aproval Date :01/11/2017, End Date :23/06/2018
7. Mohammad Reza Yousefi, Behzad Asadi, Asyeh َKaveh, , "Investigating the protocols and constructing its converter to connect the U and N series reclosers to the automation system", Aproval Date :05/09/2017, End Date :16/01/2019
8. Mohammad Reza Yousefi, Bahador Fani, , "Dِِesign, installation and applying a set of 5 KW solar cells connected to the network", Aproval Date :30/08/2017, End Date :09/06/2020
9. Majid Dehghani, Mohammad Reza Yousefi, Gazanfar Shahgolian, Hossein Nasiri Ardali, , "Design and implementation of full bridge DC-DC converter for cathodic protection system", Aproval Date :07/03/2017, End Date :27/05/2017
10. M. R. Yousefi, M. H. Torki, A. Najar Khodabakhsh, M. Shamsipour, , "Feasibility, simulation and implementation of a linear induction motor drive for cutting stone", Aproval Date :20/02/2017, End Date :05/08/2017
11. Hossein Pourghassem, Mohammad reza Yousefi, Mansour Nejati, , "Vehicle tracking in surveillance video images using feature point-based approaches ", Aproval Date :22/12/2012, End Date :25/11/2014
12. Hossein Pourghassem, Mohammad Reza Yousefi, Afshin Etesami, Ahmad Keshavarz, Mehdi Saadatmand, , "Explosive and Weapon Detection in a Dual Energy Transmission X-ray-based Inspection System", Aproval Date :23/09/2010, End Date :12/10/2011
13. M. R. Yousefi, , "Optimizing the state feedback Controller on DC-DC Converter ", Aproval Date :07/03/2009, End Date :06/11/2010