Research Projects

1. mostahfezian mina, somayeh rahbari, , "Investigating the social challenges of women athletes in Isfahan province in cyberspace with emphasis on grounded theory", Aproval Date :15/01/2022, End Date :15/01/2023
2. mina mostahfezian, somayeh rahbari, mohammad amin movahed, , "Improving the leisure time of women and girls in the family with an approach based on physical activity in Isfahan province (model presentation)", Aproval Date :16/09/2020, End Date :18/03/2021
3. Somayye Rahbari, Masoud Raei dehaghi, mina mostahfezian, , "Determine the acquaintance of sports law education teachers between Isfahan", Aproval Date :02/10/2014, End Date :02/10/2014
4. leila sarrami, hamid khodadad, elham eftekhari, , "The Role of Zurkhane sports on the reduction of nervous tensions, and as a facilitator of social relations-", Aproval Date :02/10/2014, End Date :02/10/2014
5. elham eftekhari, masoud etemadifae, , "Resistance Training and Vibration Improve Muscle Strength and Functional Capacity in Female Patients with Multiple Sclero-", Aproval Date :02/10/2014, End Date :02/10/2014