Research Projects

1. Amir Homayoon Meghdadi Isfahani, Mahdi Alami, , "study of the effect of protective plates on performance of ACC condensers of Zavareh power plant", Aproval Date :27/10/2018, End Date :02/07/2019
2. Mohammad Javad Khanian, Amir Homayoon Meghdadi Isfahani, Mohammad Hojaji, , "numerical simulation of the electrofusion welding cooling process of PE pipes used in gas distribution lines to accelerate cooling process", Aproval Date :30/09/2018, End Date :29/09/2019
3. Hamid Hojjati, Amir Homayoon Meghdadi Isfahani, , "Numerical simulation of gas turbine air intake filters", Aproval Date :29/11/2017, End Date :26/10/2019
4. Farnaz Hosseini, Amir Homayoon Meghdadi Isfahani, Mohsen Davazdah Emami, , "Evaluation and numerical simulation of gas flow characterize in order to investigation of their effect on penetration of welding of piping in gas stations", Aproval Date :18/03/2018, End Date :01/09/2019
5. Amir Homayoon Meghdadi Isfahani, Laleh Almasian, Mohsen Davazdah Emami, , "simulation of gas compressor DGS circular pleated filter $ comparing with nanofiber filters", Aproval Date :29/08/2016, End Date :22/12/2018
6. Amir Homayoon Meghdadi Isfahani, Ebrahim Shirani, Mohammad Sayyed Razavi, Ramin Nasehi, , "Numerical Study of Mixing in a Microchannel Using Thermo-Viscous Expansion", Aproval Date :11/03/2018, End Date :23/10/2015
7. Amir Homayoon Meghdadi, mohammad Mahdi Heyhat, Fateme Hesam, , "Desingn and manufacturing of a set up for experimental study and numerical simulation of nano fluid flow in a micromodel", Aproval Date :04/07/13, End Date :04/07/12