Research Projects

1. zakiye vahedian, ghasem fakhrayi, nasim khademi, , "Investigating the validity and reliability of Persian translation of the questionnaire Measuring quality of life of caregivers of children with primary congenital glaucoma (carCGQOL)", Aproval Date :11/01/2021, End Date :08/06/2022
2. pegah matourypour, nasim khademi, katayon vakilian, , "comparision effect of Achilleamillefolium capsule with mefnamic acid on menorrhagia in referals to women clinics affiliated to Arak University of medical sciences in year 2015", Aproval Date :24/02/2019, End Date :24/02/2019
3. fateme nahidi, nasim khademi, , "Survey Situation of Mental Health of Sexual Assult Victims Refferd to Forensic Medicine Isfahan Province in Year 2014", Aproval Date :10/03/2013, End Date :10/03/2014