Research Projects

1. Hamid Reza Javadinezhad, Reza Pournajaf, Amir Gandomkar, Khadijeh Ebrahimi, Amir Hosein Ghasemzadeh, Mohsen Abbasi, Reza Ebrahimi Kahrizsangi, , "Technical and Economical evaluation of Vanadium recovery From Converter slags of Isfahan Steel Company", Aproval Date :06/08/2019, End Date :05/09/2020
2. Reza Ebrahimi-Kahrizsangi, Hamid Tajizadegan, Mohammad Hosein Golabgir, Omid Torabi, , "Feasibility of a health promotion methods used in brass and bronze fittings, lines water transfer", Aproval Date :02/05/13, End Date :02/05/16
3. Reza Ebrahimi-Kahrizsangi, Majid Abdellahi, Maryam Bahmanpour, , "Modeling thermodynamic behavior and ignition time prediction for self sustaining reactions during mechano-chemical synthesis by genetic programming", Aproval Date :21/01/2015, End Date :21/01/2014
4. Reza Ebrahimi, Akbar Chami, Omid Torabi, , "Synthesis of Al2O3-B4C nanocomposites Via MASHS methods", Aproval Date :30/04/2014, End Date :30/04/2014
5. Reza Ebrahimi, Pejman Honarmandi, Akbar Chami, Bahman Nasiri Tbrizi, , "Synthesis of Fluorapatite/Fluorhydroxyapatite-based Nanocomposites reinforced with Ceramic Oxides (Specially TiO2) via Mechanochemical Method", Aproval Date :30/04/2014, End Date :30/04/2014
6. Reza Ebrahimi, Akbar Chami, , "بررسي اثر فعال سازي مکانيکي برکاهش دماي سنتز اکسي نيتريد هاي آلومينيوم", Aproval Date :25/05/2015, End Date :27/04/2015
7. Reza Ebrahimi, Mahdi Azizi, Akbar Chami, , "بررسي اثر فعال سازي مکانيکي برکاهش دماي سنتز سيليکون کاربايد", Aproval Date :30/04/2014, End Date :30/04/2014
8. Reza Ebrahimi, , "virtual metallagraphy lab", Aproval Date :30/04/2014, End Date :30/04/2014