Research Projects

1. ghazanfar shahgholian, mahnaz hashemi, homa movahed nejad, , "Development and design of non-invasive home blood pressure measurement algorithm focusing on blood pressure management", Aproval Date :04/10/2022, End Date :30/08/2023
2. N. Behzadfar, G. Shahgholian, M. Khezri, , "Detection of different rhythms from the electrocardiogram signal", Aproval Date :02/08/2021, End Date :16/07/2022
3. Neda Behzadfar, Ghazanfar Shahgholian, , "Detection of behavioral patterns in the elderly by examining physiological and behavioral parameters using a remote monitoring system", Aproval Date :18/02/2020, End Date :05/01/2021
4. khezri khezri, homayoon mahdavi nasab, Neda Behzadfar, , "Detection on shockable rhythm from ecg signal", Aproval Date :01/02/2020, End Date :24/07/2019
5. neda behzadfar, hossein poorghasem, mahdi khezri, , "analysis of Blood Pressure profile in Patients with Dialysis", Aproval Date :27/08/2018, End Date :27/08/2018
6. neda behzadfar, pourghasem hosein, , "oscillometric modeling of nibp measurement", Aproval Date :23/01/2017, End Date :26/08/2017