Row Teaching Title Level
1 Reactive power control:17 times MSc
2 Power quality: 16times PhD
3 Distributed generation and microgrid: 12times MSc
4 Power system analysis I: 30 times BSc
5 Power system analysis II: 30 times BSc
6 Power system protection:12times BSc
7 FACTS: 18times PhD
8 Smart Electrical Energy Grids : 20 time PhD
9 Advanced power system protection: 16 times PhD
10 Power Generation Operation and Control: 20 times MSc
11 Power System Lab: 30 times BSc
12 Electrical Machines II: 4 times BSc
13 Special topics in power system analysis: 2 times BSc
14 Digital Protection of Power Systems: 3 time PhD


Row Title Course Resourse
1 Reactive Power Control Reactive Power Control in Electric System by: T.J.E. Miller
2 Microgrid Microgrids and Active Distribution by: S. Chowdhury
3 Comprehensive Theory of Electrical Machines Analysis of Electric Machinery and Drive Systems by: P. Krause
4 Electric Energy Distribution Electric Distribution Systems by: A. A. Sallam
5 Advanced Protection of Power Systems Protective Relaying, Theory and Application by: W. A. Elmore
6 Power Quality Power System Quality Assessment by: J. Arrillaga
7 FACTS Understanding FACTS by: G. Hingorani
8 Digital Protection of Power Systems Computer Relaying for Power Systems by: A. G. Phadke
9 Power Electronics I Principles of Power Electronics by: J. Kassakian
10 Reliability of Electric Energy Systems Reliability Evaluation Power Systems by: R. Billinton
11 Intelligent Electric Energy Networks The Smart Grid by: C. W. Gellings
12 Electricity Market Fundamentals of Power System Economics by: D. S. kirschen
13 Power Generation, Operation and Control Power Generation, Operation and Control, by: Allen J. Wood, Bruce F. Wollenberg, Gerald B. Sheble
14 Digital Protection of Power Systems Computer Relaying for Power Systems by A. G. Phadke and J. S. Thorp


Day Title Clock Description