Research Projects

1. Atefeh Amindoust, Ali Vahedi, , "Identification of indicators and prioritization of reconstruction and repair of cathodic protection station in gas pipelines using multi-criteria decision making methods", Aproval Date :26/01/2019, End Date :24/01/2021
2. ramin Asadi ourgani, Atefeh Amindoost, , "Environmental, Health and Safety, Risk Assessment and Quantitative Analysis of Gas Strengthening Pressure Stations using Bayesian Belief Network", Aproval Date :17/10/2017, End Date :14/03/2018
3. Atefeh Amindoust, Sepideh Mohammadrezaei, , "Optimization of reliability-based maintenance program for sensitive equipments of Bid- Boland gas refinery using simulation method", Aproval Date :28/11/2018, End Date :10/07/2017