Research Projects

1. Shohreh Ajoudanian, Akbar Nabiolahi, Hamid Rastegari, Mahdi Jabalameli, Hossein Hadipoor, Zahra Beheshti, Faramarz Safi, mahdi sharifi, habib seifzadeh, Behrang Barekatain, , "Architectural and infrastructural requirements design of the national online encyclopedia system", Aproval Date :14/10/2021, End Date :21/06/2022
2. akbar nabiolahi, habib seifzadeh, Shohre Ajoodanian, , "Pathology and analysis of the current situation of information technology and development of information systems architecture of Isfahan Gas Company", Aproval Date :18/11/2019, End Date :06/09/2021
3. Maryam Nooraee, Shohreh Ajoudanian, , "A model for deployment of service oriented architechture in educational enterprises", Aproval Date :08/11/2014, End Date :08/11/2014
4. Maryam Nooraee, Shohreh Ajoudanian, , "a method in cloud computing information technology in healthcare systems in Iran-", Aproval Date :08/11/2014, End Date :08/11/2014