Row Teaching Title Level
1 Robotics MS
2 Optimal Control MS
3 Microcontrollers BS
4 Digital Circuits BS
5 Linear Control BS
6 Modern Control
7 Fuzzy Control MS
8 System Identification MS
9 Adaptive Control MS


Row Title Course Resourse
1 Adaptive Control Tutorial, By:P. Ioannou, B. Fidan Adaptive Control
2 Optimal Control Theory, By; Donald E. Kirk Optimal Control
3 System Identification, By: M. Karari System Identification
4 A Course in Fuzzy Systems and Control, By: L. Wang Fuzzy Control
5 Modern Control Engineering, By: K. Ogata Linear Control
6 Introduction to Modern Control, By: A. Kahki Sedigh Modern Control
7 کنترل غير خطي Applied Nonlinear Control


Day Title Clock Description