Research Projects

1. S Mardani, Z Raeisi, , "A Study on Comparison and Comparison of Psychological Problems and Problems of Students Residing in Dormitory with Non-Dormitory Students", Aproval Date :05/12/2004, End Date :04/09/2005
2. z Raeisi, m Mostafaei, s Mardani, m Mahmoudi, , "The effect of family awareness on the academic status of students on preventing his re-education failure.", Aproval Date :04/12/2003, End Date :01/05/2005
3. Z Raeisi, M Mostafaei, S Mardani, M Mahmoudi, , "The Effect of Teaching Study Techniques on the Academic Achievement of Students at the Faculty of Humanities", Aproval Date :04/12/2003, End Date :09/09/2002